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Rose Water 24x24 Acrylic on canvas

I have spent a lifetime exploring the effect color has on people. As a makeup artist and self-taught painter, I consider myself a colorist. Understanding the effect color has on someone is key to my paintings. Floral beauty is my sanctuary, I respond viscerally and want to capture the feeling I get when I see, smell and touch flowers and nature. Each one of my paintings provoke an emotion that is pleasing, whimsical and delicious. When I paint, color and texture are the key components and consideration. I paint with acrylic paint on canvas using a palette knife. Color smearing and canvas lacing are techniques I use to create texture and dimension.  I believe art should be enjoyed and accessible to all who love it. Most days you can find me in my studio painting and discovering something new the color and canvas have to offer!

my interpretation


I use acrylic paint on canvas.  I do a lot of color mixing to find the right shade, hue and temperature. 

my inspiration


Beauty is all around us...its up to each of us to appreciate and respond to it according to our soul's desire.  I happen to paint.


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