A few words about me


I have spent a lifetime exploring the emotional effect of color. As a make-up artist, I consider myself more of a colorist and appreciating the effect color has on each of us is key to my paintings. Floral beauty is my sanctuary, causing a visceral response to the beauty and the possibilities through flowers and color – putting voice to the canvas through paint and palette knife in an impressionistic fashion. Each one of my paintings provoke an emotion that is pleasing, whimsical and delicious.

My story is unlike most. I started painting at 52 and am a self-taught painter who started her art career in 2018 as a result of a college color theory course and one question a gentleman asked during a job interview: “What are you passionate about?” I pondered the answer to that question and as a result went back to school to get an Interior Design degree thinking that would fill the void inside. But along the way through the course work, something happened…I started to paint and found my calling and passion!

At first I painted for the class, then it was for the love of expression, and then it was a necessity. Pressure from the desire to create had built up for decades and the painting came out almost volcanically, I painted every day for hours a day and soon a distinct style emerged.

My work is abstract/expressionism with a dash of realism. Colors, forms and textures inspired by nature, are the key components and considerations for my paintings. The emotion you feel when you sniff a fragrant rose or stand in a beautiful garden are the emotions I desire to express on canvas even when faced with the bad or ugly subject matter. My artistic ideas are translated with color-lacing, color-dragging techniques and building texture strictly using palette knives. Color-lacing outlines raised texture using black, white and/or gold, to give definition and interest. Color-dragging pulls one or more color(s) into another without blending creating depth and interesting color combinations. The texture is created by using an impasto technique, or an implied texture technique, which consists of layering color on canvas then scraping the excess, giving each painting a unique multi-layered look.

Recently, I have been published in House&Garden UK magazine in the July, August, and September 2019 issues and is an award winner in the Light Space Time Online Gallery “2019 Botanicals” and 9th All Women Art Exhibition juried art show and has been awarded two artist residencies in France and Italy in 2020.

I believe art should be enjoyed and accessible to all who love it. Most days you can find me in my studio painting, and discovering something new the color, form, and canvas have to offer.